About Amber Schofman

Amber Schofman, Vice President and Co-founder at CrewFacilities.com, is a paradigm of sheer determination, commitment and high values. Her professional values and commitment towards industry ethics have made CrewFacilities.com emerge as a trustworthy personnel travel management advisory entity throughout North America.

Her knowledge about the market and understanding the ever changing demands of organizations with mobile workforces fosters CrewFacilities.com to deliver remarkable lodging management services and solutions.

Her positive attitude towards evolving market trends and expectations of clients that grow along with them, which further enables CrewFacilities.com to provide services conferring

to the client’s demand.

CrewFacilities.com is acknowledged for meeting their client’s expectations.

  • Amber Schofman has a great insight into:

    • Managing all aspects of community office management.
    • Liaising between community residents and community director.
    • Managing human resources.
    • Supporting community director.
    • Providing budget-support to director.
    • Managing accounts payable and receivable.
    • Maintaining of community
    • Performing general administrative duties.

Her knowledge and expertise related to the domains mentioned allows CrewFacilities.com to provide end-to-end, effective lodging management services.

Further, her proficiency in systems and operations management supports assists in understanding the company client travel cultures to synchronize and customize lodging services.

She also had played a great role in building infrastructure, processes and procedures for CrewFacilities.com. Further, she assists CrewFacilities.com teams in monitoring the operations side and requirements of partner facilities across the USA.

Her responsibilities at CrewFaciliteis.com also includes managing company’s personnel working in conjunction with partner facilities to manage reservation transactions, act as a liaison between the client’s corporate office, client’s crew lead and guests staying in the facility.

Her Career Bio

During her career, spanning almost two decades, Amber Schofman has worked with reputed organizations like Central Properties Inc., Roberts Communities, CWS Apartments, and Ameriplan USA Corporation, and several Workforce Lodging Companies.